With any Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air you connect to various wireless networks. These networks are added to a list of Preferred Networks in your computer Network settings.

The order in which the networks appear in this list determines their priority (which network will be connected to first). For the best performance and security while working on UNCG campus you should have the UNCG-GCN-FacStaff wireless network installed and set as a high priority network.

Follow the steps below to set WiFi network priority. (Note: These instructions apply to university-owned Macbooks that connect to the General Computing Network (GCN) domain.)

  1. First, go to System Preferences
  2. Then choose Network
  3. Make sure WiFi is the selected option and then click Advanced near the bottom right corner of that window
  4. Drag the UNCG-GCN-FacStaff wireless network name* above any other network in your list. If you have eduroam listed in your Preferred Networks list, then you need to drag the UNCG-GCN-FacStaff network anywhere above eduroam so that it will automatically connect to the UNCG-GCN-FacStaff network when you’re on UNCG campus.
  5. Click OK and close the System Preferences window


*Note: All ITS-imaged Macs should have the UNCG-GCN-FacStaff network installed. If you do not see this in your list of available networks, it will need to be manually installed (see Connect to the Wireless GCN Network on a Mac for directions) or you can contact 6-TECH for assistance.