With any Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air you connect to various wireless networks. These networks are added to a list of Preferred Networks in your computer Network settings. The order in which the networks appear in this list determines their priority (which network will be connected to first). For the best performance and security […]

Apple has announced that it will officially release macOS Sierra on September 20. Information Technology Services (ITS), in collaboration with the MAC Advisory Committee, is currently evaluating Sierra for on-campus use. This includes testing its compatibility with enterprise applications and UNCG standard hardware and network configurations. All Mac users are advised to wait a minimum […]

Starting August 15, UNCG faculty and staff will be able to access a wider selection of software directly from the MacApps volume on the campus network. In the past many Macintosh applications, licensed only for academic use, had to be installed by technical staff due to licensing and access restrictions. Recent changes in network organization have enabled those […]

A new Mac malware is out now.   “ After the first ever example of Mac ransomware was found in the wild earlier this year, Bitdefender Labs has found what it tells us is only the second example of true Mac malware to enter circulation this year, which it has dubbed Backdoor.MAC.Elanor. The malware application was available on a […]

5/16/17 – Apple released the latest OSX update 10.11.5. “Apple today released OS X 10.11.5 to the public, marking the launch of the fifth update to the El Capitan operating system that was first released on September 30, 2015. OS X 10.11.5 comes nearly two months after the release of OS X 10.11.4, an update […]

“The first known ransomware attack on Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) Mac computers, which was discovered over the weekend, was downloaded more than 6,000 times before the threat was contained, according to a developer whose product was tainted with the malicious software. Hackers infected Macs with the “KeRanger” ransomware through a tainted copy of Transmission, a popular […]