Apple has begun the process of phasing out 32-bit applications on Macs.  With the recent release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, the first time users launch an app that does not support 64-bit they will see an alert that the “App” is not optimized for their Mac.   This is the first of many warnings Apple plans to provide […]

Who: Any user running macOS High Sierra What: Installation of OS update to address security vulnerability When: Immediate Why: A vulnerability was discovered recently in macOS High Sierra that could allow an attacker unauthorized access to your Mac. This vulnerability utilizes a weak default password on the “root” administrator account. Apple has since released Security Update 2017-001 to address this issue. […]

On September 13, 2017, Information Technology Services (ITS), in collaboration with the MAC Advisory Committee, announced that we were evaluating macOS High Sierra 10.13 for on-campus use. This includes testing its compatibility with enterprise applications and UNCG standard hardware and network configurations. The evaluation process has been completed, and ITS has concluded that there are […]

On October 4, 2016 Information Technology Services (ITS), in collaboration with the Mac Advisory Committee (MAC), announced that upgrading to macOS Sierra is approved for clients on UNCG networks.  At this time it is advised that all clients proceed with the upgrade to the latest version of macOS Sierra, currently 10.12.4.  Please visit Apple’s website for […]