Operating System Support

  • What Apple products does UNCG support?

UNCG currently supports El Capitan and Yosemite. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of OS X to avoid known vulnerabilities. UNCG does not support older versions of OS X and iOS. However, we will provide a best effort to support them

  • How should I reset my password?

Visit reset.uncg.edu to reset your password when you are on campus. Follow these instructions. Restart your machine and login with your new password. If prompted, select create new keychain.

  • How do I launch apps that are not on my dock?

You can open a finder window and click applications on the left pane. You can also use Launchpad to open apps. Read more about Launchpad in this Apple article.

  • How can I access University resources off campus?

There are several ways for a Mac user to access resources off campus. MyCloud.uncg.edu will let you access programs and a GCN Windows environment. SSLVPN.uncg.edu gives you access to network files through a web browser. Cisco Anyconnect is a VPN client that will allow your Mac to run on our network from another network.

  • How do I fix my wireless when my laptop wakes from sleep?

Right click on the wireless icon and select Open Network Preferences. Look for the 802.1x option and click the Connect button. Your wireless should reconnect in a few seconds.

  • How do I stop the popups asking me to update my keychain?

Your local keychain will need to be deleted. Please contact 6-TECH for assistance.


  • What software is available for my Mac?

Mapping the share to “MacApps” will give you access to software, the list is available here,  that is available for use on your university owned Mac.

  • How should I backup my Mac?

Time machine will backup your entire system to a local hard drive. Follow instructions in this Apple article to setup Time Machine. By using Box, Google Drive, or Microsoft One Drive, you can backup individual files on your machine.  You should always store lock data in compliance with University Policy found here.

Remote Storage

  • What options are available for storing data?

Currently, you can store data on network folders, BoxGoogle Drive, and Microsoft One Drive.

  • How do I access 3-Lock data from a Mac?

Macs can only access 3-Lock data through a virtual environment through MyCloud.uncg.edu.

  • Can I use Box to store and access 3-Lock data?

No.3-Lock data can only be store on Secure Volumes. You can read more about ITS Data Storage Services here.


  • How do I change options like color or duplex for a print job?

When you select to print a document, under the presets option, select show presets. The drop down menus will contain options you can set. These options and menus will be different depending on the type of driver you are using. Users can then save presets for quickly changing back and forth between different ways of printing.

  • Why am I unable to add a printer through a queue? Popups keep asking for my username and password.

The most common reason is you are not part of a group that is allowed to print to the queue. You will need to contact the Department’s DTC to add your username to the guest group. However, this issue sometimes happens even if you are part of the group and your password is current. ITS currently does not know why this happens. Generally, the problem disappears after a day. Contact 6-TECH if you experience this issue.


  • What settings should I change to make my Mac safer?

In Preferences, select Security & Privacy. Under the General tab, make sure disable automatic login is selected, require a password after sleep/screensaver, and allow apps only from the Mac App Store and identified developers. Under the Firewall tab, make sure the Firewall is turned on. Contact 6-TECH to talk about further steps to protect your data.

  • Should I use antivirus software?

Yes. At the very minimum, you want to use antivirus software to catch malware people might send you. This way you don’t send malware to others. Currently, UNCG is offering System Center for our Mac community.